Why Book at Dunhillhotel.com?
When you book directly through DunhillHotel.com, there are several advantages you receive that are not offered through other websites:

Lowest rates anywhere
You won’t find a better rate on any other website.

We know what you prefer
All of your preferences will be saved for future visits when you create an account online.

Service is our ultimate amenity
We are glad to assist you any day at any time.

Secure online booking
We give 100% privacy and protection of all online transactions.

No unknown costs or fees
All room charges and taxes are seen before the reservation is made. There are no additional fees to book, modify or cancel a reservation.

Special offers 
We offer packages that include overnight accommodations and Charlotte area attractions that you can’t find on any other website.

Special rates
We offer AAA and Senior rates for those who qualify when you book directly through our website.